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Life Insurance

With more than three decades of experience assisting clients with life insurance policies, Millie Browning is prepared to help you secure your family’s financial future. Life insurance provides peace of mind for your family when they need it most, replacing lost income and covering unanticipated expenses.  Iron Ridge works with multiple carriers for term life, as well as universal and whole life insurance policies.


Protect your family and its future with life insurance. Schedule a personal consultation with Iron Ridge Insurance Services to obtain the right coverage, with the right carrier, at the right price.

Meet Your Expert

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Millie Browning

Toll Free: 800.775.8526

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Fax: 239.288.7544

Managing Risk

Life Insurance is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Why should you invest a small monthly premium for this security?
  • Life insurance provides financial relief to your loved ones should something happen to you.

  • Life Insurance will provide your loved ones the funds they need to maintain their lifestyle. 

  • Life Insurance provides your loved ones with cash benefits that can be used for paying debts, college funds, and burial expenses. 

  • Life Insurance can provide you with funds for critical, terminal or chronic illnesses. 

  • Life Insurance can provide additional funds for retirement.

  • Life insurance can protect the future of a business you own.

Before making a decision about life insurance, consider the reasons why you want to purchase a policy. Depending on your answer and other factors, a term, universal, or whole life policy may be the optimal plan for you. The experts at Iron Ridge can help you understand your options and make this complex decision.

Types of Life Insurance

Term life insurance

Term Life insurance typically covers a specific period of time (term), providing a death benefit to the policyholder’s beneficiaries. Terms can range from 10-40 years. Because policies are not permanent, they are typically the most affordable coverage option.

Permanent life insurance

Universal Life policies provide coverage for the duration of your lifetime. Policyholders have the flexibility to increase or decrease their premium payments or death benefits depending on their needs and financial situation. These policies also build cash value that can be withdrawn or borrowed as a loan.


Whole Life insurance policies also offer lifelong coverage. Whole Life policies include both insurance coverage and a cash value account that grows tax-free. While Whole Life policies typically are the most expensive, they also offer a promise that your premiums will not increase and your death benefit will not decrease.

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