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Physicians and Medical Practices

Norman Lutz's insurance career has been focused on health care risk since 2003. His experience includes underwriting, marketing, captive insurance solutions, and risk management. The foundation of his knowledge in this industry is aided by twenty years of experience working in hospitals, mobile intensive care units, and medical practices.

Norm understands physician professional liability risk and insurance and is prepared to assist you in obtaining the right coverage, with the right carrier, at the right price.

Meet Your Expert

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Norman Lutz

Toll Free: 800.775.8526

Direct: 239.208.8091

Cell: 717.413.9583

Fax: 239.288.7544

Managing Risk

Physicians and medical practices are likely to be involved in a medical professional liability lawsuit at some point in their careers. You can use these ten habits of litigation-free practice to decrease your risk of a professional liability claim. 
  1. Embrace a culture of clinical excellence within your practice and your medical community.

  2. Practice excellence in customer service. Be the provider of choice AND the employer of choice.

  3. Disclose adverse outcomes and medical errors to patients and their families with guidance from an attorney.

  4. Use a procedure-specific informed consent process that is comprehensive and well-documented

  5. Understand the National Quality Forum's Health Care Never Events, and institute practices and protocols that prevent their occurrence.

  6. Set and manage patient and family expectations throughout the care cycle.

  7. Communicate with your colleagues throughout the continuum of care, particularly during hand-offs and referrals.

  8. Conduct a root-cause analysis after adverse outcomes and near misses. Learn from mistakes.

  9. Institute and follow a process for tracking diagnostic studies, referrals, and patient compliance.

  10. Ensure your documentation and record-keeping creates and secures evidence that can defend quality care.

Clients We Serve

We represent a diverse selection of healthcare and life sciences organizations. Contact us for solutions for:

  • Physicians and medical practices

  • Physicians with adverse claims history

  • Counseling centers

  • Long-term care facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Accountable care organizations

  • Advanced-level providers

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